Our Approach

Penny Olive Sourdough is a premium, artisan made product using the highest quality ingredients available.

Our approach to making bread is the marked opposite of the industrialised approach taken by so many of our food producers. We believe that small scale, localised food production is the best way forward for a healthy community and planet.

Australian grown biodynamic flour is used exclusively for its high nutritional qualities, with the grain grown without any chemical input.

Each loaf is mixed and shaped by hand, an exacting and time consuming process that can only be achieved by those with an intimate knowledge of bread making.

Ascorbic acid is not used as a bread improver. A prolonged fermentation does the work instead, breaking down hard to digest proteins (like gluten), and allowing naturally beneficial yeasts and bacteria to unlock nutrients in the milled grain.

The bread is dense and satisfying, with a unique, well-developed flavour not found in mass produced bread.

The bread appeals to a broad range of consumers including the health conscious, those who appreciate fine food and others who desire ethically produced food that minimises damage to the environment.

Tell me more about sourdough bread

  • It is the oldest method of bread making (a process unchanged for about 6,000 years), still in use today.
  • Flour, salt, water (and time) are the only ingredients required. Check out the ingredients on other bread labels!
  • It has a low Glycemic Index.
  • Although not suitable for those with Coeliac Disease, it may be beneficial for those with low tolerance for other wheat breads. There is growing evidence to suggest that industrial baking may be contributing to the rise in food allergies and sensitivities (especially to gluten).
  • It keeps very well, and is very suitable for freezing (to keep the crust softer, it is advised to store airtight at room temperature, and if desired, it may be sliced and frozen with excellent results).
  • Lovers of handmade sourdough bread should invest in a very good bread knife and chopping board!